Messiah's Photo Tour

Welcome to Messiah! This is the view of our facility from the corner of Ridge Rd. and 12th St. The large blue tower marks the entrance to Loving Arms Child Care Center. Feel free to enter through the center's doors or drive around back to Messiah's parking lot and main entrance (below).

Come on in! This is the outside of the building which you will see when you pull into the parking lot off of Brunswick St.  If you need a handicap accessible door, the door to your left is the one to use.  If the parking lot is full, feel free to park in the child care parking lot - the entrance is off of 12th Street.

The church narthex.  After you enter Messiah, you will probably be greeted by members visiting with one another.  That is one of the things that makes Messiah special - there truly is a family atmosphere among our members.

The Sanctuary. This is the central room of Messiah. We gather here for Sunday Morning Bible Class (9:30) and to praise our loving Lord in word and song in worship. Check out this page to learn more about our worship services. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study with Pastor Rockhoff

The hallway
leads to other parts of our facility, such as the Sunday school classrooms and Loving Arms Child Care Center.

Sunday School Classrooms. We have several classrooms throughout our facility. We hold weekly Bible studies and Sunday school classes in these rooms.

Loving Arms Child Care Center.  This is the entryway to Loving Arms. Visit during the week and you're certain to see parents of our children visiting with teachers or each other here!

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